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Liège is the very heart of a multimodal and waterway network

Liège is the very heart of a multimodal and waterway network

The Port of Liège, the leading inland Belgian port and third inland port in Europe, is enjoying boom times. Inland waterways traffic is reaching over 15 million tonnes. If one adds rail and road traffic to this figure, the volume of goods transported exceed 21 million tonnes.

The development of the port, combined with the expansion of Liège Airport, contributes to the excellent logistical reputation of eastern Belgium. A study published by real estate company Cushman & Wakefield put the region of Liège at the top of a list of the best locations in Europe for logistics and transport.

The future development axis of the Port of Liège is the Trilogiport. This is a veritable logistics “village” covering a surface area of 100 hectares between the Albert Canal (wich links the Meuse to Antwerp) and the Meuse, located to the north of Liège. The operational opening of the Trilogiport is expected in 2012. €155 million of private investment, paired with public support of almost €44 million, aim to assure Liège’s status as logistics leader by developing a tri-modal offer of activities (waterways, rail and road) offering three different forms of access to the sea in three different countries (Antwerp in Belgium, Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Dunkirk in France).

In addition, the port of Liège recently signed cooperation agreements with the sea ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam in order to facilitate the transport of goods from the North Sea to the European hinterland. From a technical point of view, works at various locks between Liège and the Dutch border are in progress to significantly increase the capacity of vessels that can travel between the port of Rotterdam and the Meuse and Rhine basins (via the Albert Canal). Liège is the very heart of a multimodal and waterway network that serves an entire logistics industry.

Source: Made In Belgium – The Belgian foreign trade & Investment guide to Belgium 

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