Attract investors for the development of the green economy in Wallonia

Il y a 5 years

In close coordination with the Pôle GreenWin a new expert in “environmental technology / sustainable development” has recently joined the AWEX – Foreign Investment Division.

Bernard Mathieu, civil engineer chemist, has fifteen years of industrial experience in the field of environment. He also performs tasks within the FEB (Federation of Enterprises in Belgium), the European association of co-processing EUCOPRO, World Business Council for Sustainable Development and gives classes at the ULg and ICHEC in environmental management.

His role at AWEX: identifying potential foreign investment projects in Wallonia and facilitate implementation, assist prospective investors in the development of their idea and networking with relevant actors in Wallonia. The objective together with the Pôle: the creation of businesses and jobs in the area of ​​”green economy” in the broad sense, bio-sourced chemistry, sustainable construction, waste treatment and pollution, renewable energy and environmental services. Do not hesitate to contact him if you discover investment opportunities!

Useful to know: the notion of foreign investment projects covers the implementation of new actors in Wallonia, but also investments of companies already present in our mainly foreign shareholding.

More than ever – and despite the crisis – AWEX and the Pôle Greenwin are working together to ensure the restructuring of our region towards expanding economic sectors. Clearly, the objective is to turn Wallonia into a net exporter of these future technologies.


Source: GreenWin

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