Wallonia: a world-class hub for Logistics!

Il y a 5 years

Hugues Van Espen of BioLog, interviewed here by Jean-Christophe Savattier for ActuLabo, sets forth the advantages of Wallonia in terms of its logistical health.

The chief advantage he mentions is the quality of the logistical infrastructure. With its free motorways, a railway service made to measure, links to the major ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam via the river, and the airports of Brussels, Charleroi and Liège, Wallonia is hard to beat. As well, the strategic position of the region, in the heart of Europe, is one of the 10 good reasons to invest in Wallonia. The Director of BioLog thinks these assets are complemented by a competitive real estate value, when you consider its price/quality- ratio: the price per m² stands between 22€ and 55€ in some industrial areas. We should also take into account various tax incentives that encourage foreign investment in certain key sectors, including logistics and life sciences.

Moreover, big names in the logistics and pharmaceutical industries were not mistaken in establishing themselves in Wallonia in the many industrial parks found around Charleroi and Liège -to name a few- TNT, UPS, DHL and FedEx in the logistics sector, as well as GSK, J & J and Lonza in the health sector.  Each of these companies witnesses to the fact that Belgium has become a world-class hub.

Source: ActuLabo

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