Biowanze is expanding

Il y a 5 years

The company has applied for planning permission to extend their site at Wanze. The new industrial building will convert wheat gluten, recycled from the production of bioethanol, into pellets.

Since December 2008, BioWanze has produced bioethanol (300,000m³ per year), ProtiWanze (animal feed) and gluten. These products are derived from wheat and sugar beet syrup. Therefore, 55,000 tons of gluten, which did not previously add any value, is now produced by the company. The new building on the banks of the Meuse will be dedicated to the treatment of this wheat gluten, which will now have a use through its conversion into pellets.

This is an innovation that incorporates recycling, optimisation and ecology. Furthermore, the main fuel used at this factory is biomass (in place of fossil fuel), which enables C0² emissions to be reduced by 70%.

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