Solvay showcases Belgium’s strengths

Il y a 5 years

Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading provider of information for businesses and professionals, has included Solvay in its 2012 Top 100 Global Innovators list. 

Solvay, a Sustaining Member of AmCham Belgium, is the first Belgian company to make the Top 100 Global Innovators list. AmCham Belgium applauds the recognition of one of its members and is pleased that Belgium’s strength in R&D and innovation is on display.

The methodology used to calculate the Top 100 shows that the selected companies have created 124,241 jobs this year, confirming the fact that companies focused on innovation drive growth. David Brown, Managing Director at Thomson Reuters IP Solutions says “innovation is the foundation for economic prosperity and technological advancement.” Indeed, countries and sectors that are more innovative maintain higher productivity levels and cross-sector growth rates. Only 21 European enterprises were included in a list which is dominated by American and Japanese companies. Solvay’s achievement has put Belgium’s R&D and innovation facilities back in the spotlight.

Highly competitive in this field, Belgium continues to improve its capacity to innovate with increased government funding. The Walloon government recently approved an additional €11 million for the creation of a fund specifically devoted to basic strategic research. This allocation of funds will help Belgium achieve the EU’s 2020 target for Member States to spend 3% of their GDP on R&D.

American companies are well aware of Belgium’s expertise in this area.

Source: AmCham

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