WSLlabs: Inauguration of the Construction Site in Liège

Il y a 5 years

On October 12, 2012, WSL, the Wallonia engineering sciences incubator, inaugurated the construction site for its new establishment at Liège Science Park, WSLlabs.

A true community of entrepreneurs, since 2000 WSL has been supporting the creation and growth of young companies pursuing projects in engineering science, in the sectors of green technology, space applications, and others, but most importantly today, ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) and microsystems.

These projects require specialized supervision within niche markets that are naturally oriented toward international trade. The vast quantity of information that these microsystems must manage cannot be processed without advanced ICT skills. Medical devices, intended for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of an illness, are a perfect example. The best sensor in the world is useless if the data gathered cannot be used!

Since it was founded, over 220 project proposals have been received, over a hundred of them were accepted for partnerships, and 68 of these resulted in the creation of a company, accounting for 225 full-time equivalents.

This overwhelmingly positive initiative is supported by the Minister of the Economy, who says, “due to the specialized markets that it occupies, the incubator is a perfect complement to the Marshall Plan 2.Green and Creative Wallonia. Economically, it is not possible to have incubators alongside every university in the country, but we must ensure that every project with high added value can benefit from the expertise of a tool such as WSL, through WSLlinks, its local branch offices.”


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