The Largest Activated Carbon Recycling Center in the World in Feluy

Il y a 5 years

Calgon Carbon Corporation’s European subsidiary, Chemviron Carbon, is planning a visit to its factory, accompanied by Jean-Claude Marcourt, on October 19th.

This will be an excellent opportunity for the Minister of the Economy to acknowledge the importance of the investments made by the company, with the assistance of the region of Wallonia, over the past two years, regarding the industrial zoning of Feluy. Today, this factory is the largest activated carbon recycling center in the world, and is located in the heart of the company’s European development.

The factory is indeed heavily involved in the field of granular activated carbon production and purification systems. It also pursues environmental protection through its reactivation centers in Feluy and in England, where activated carbon is recycled from drinking water treatment applications, sweeteners and other food products, as well as industrial applications. This initiative helps to protect natural resources, reduce CO² emissions and reuse raw materials.

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