STX-Med: The Jeunes à l’exportation Award Relieves Migraines!

Il y a 5 years

STX-Med was recognized at the award ceremony held on September 25th at Théâtre du Manège in Mons, for its efforts to include young people in its international development. This startup, “a Walloon incubator for engineering science” applied to the field of medicine, is best known for developing an electrical application that relieves migraine headaches, called Cefaly®.

As Professor Pierre Rigaux, Managing Director, explains, “The technology consists of electrical neurostimulation of the trigeminal nerve, using an external procedure (editor’s note: a light device that is placed on the head, see photo), unlike the implant solution, which requires surgery. It is very precise technology, because it is necessary to stimulate the nerve cells without causing any pain in the bone. The equipment must also be very easy to handle. In 2009, we received authorization to market the device. Cefaly® is recognized as being as effective for migraines as the most powerful medications currently on the market, and without any side effects.

“Now the tough job ahead is to publicize it abroad and find distributors. In order to do this, we must attend all the trade fairs, but that is very expensive. For example, it costs 1500 euros per m2 to be an exhibitor in London. For an SME, that is possible only with financial assistance such as that provided by AWEX.”

The company is off to a good start, as “last year, our sales figure was 1.6 million euros; this year, it is expected to double.” STX-Med was recognized for having trusted in young people from the “explort” program, co-founded by FOREM, the Marshall Plan and AWEX.

“This is another win-win situation,” says Philippe Suinen, “because it provides practical training in foreign trade for these young people, and even a job, while allowing the SME to develop its strike force in the local market.”

The CEO of AWEX says he has confidence in the “positively aggressive” attitude of the new generation of Walloon entrepreneurs, and repeats, “Think exports. It’s one of the keys to the economic future of our region.” Mr. Suinen reminds us that AWEX is there to share its knowledge, contacts and other financial support with any Walloon entrepreneur who might be interested.

STX-Med S.P.R.L.

Phone: +32 (0)4 367 67 22

Cefaly’s Launch in France: A Great Success

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