MyCargo Airlines arrives at Liege Airport

Il y a 5 years

MyCargo Airlines links Istanbul and Liège 5 times a week with an Airbus A300 (B4-203F).Founded in 2005 under the name ACT Airlines, MyCargo Airlines operates from its hub in Turkey, the Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (Istanbul).  


Beginning July 2012, the management of Liege Airport announced an agreement with MyCargo Airlines (Turkey). A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was concluded which made Liege Airport the European airport of choice for MyCargo Airlines’ (ACT) European cargo charter operations.


For the Minister for the Economy, Jean-Claude Marcourt, this Memorandum opens new perspectives for the Liege region: “The arrival of MyCargo confirms the economic role of Liege Airport, which I greatly welcome. The fact that it is backed by such a large corporation as HNA Group reflects the importance of Turkey in international trade”


Luc Partoune, the Managing Director of Liege Airport, confirms: “As 2012 is another tumultuous year for global air cargo, the arrival of MyCargo in Liege Airport has a significant importance. This opens trade routes with charter flights between different parts of the world for transporting general cargo, textiles, airmail and parcels, etc.”.



Media contacts at Liege Airport:

Christian Delcourt, Communications Manager: +32 4 234 85 80 –

Valérie Hauglustaine, Media Relations Officer: +32 4 234 85 75 –

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