Meet with Indian Tech Companies in Belgium

Il y a 5 years

WalloniaTECH – India is offering the chance to collaborate with innovative Indian technology firms specializing in various fields. They will be available for meetings from November 7th to 9th.

AWEX’s Technology Partnerships Department, in coordination with institutional partners from India (FIIT Delhi, IIT Delhi, Scitech Park of the University of Pune and ISBA), supports technological and economic development projects between India and Belgium.

It was within this context that the WalloniaTECH – India program was launched, and the most innovative technological developments of 2012 were selected for presentation to Belgian companies. We believe that partnerships with the selected Indian companies could be beneficial for the technological development of our businesses.

 New technology available:

Life and Health Sciences (Mobile Analysis Laboratory): On-site microbiological diagnostic devices. The mobile lab provides diagnostics in the fields of immunology, intensive care, biochemistry and routine urinalysis. REF 001

Life and Health Sciences (Molecular Diagnostics): Epidemiological and molecular genetics of cardiovascular pathologies. The company supplies molecular diagnostic tests (MDX) and assists doctors with their clinical diagnoses.  REF 002

Clean Tech / New Materials (The Biotech of Enzymes in Textiles): This company offers state-of-the-art technology for treating clothing with bio-enzymes, nano-biotechnologies and various bio-engineering applications. REF 003

Mechanical Engineering (UGV, UAV, Artificial Intelligence): UGVs that can navigate difficult terrain and wirelessly transmit audio and video data, as well as one of the lightest drones, able to transport loads of up to 1 kg. High endurance, stable video and automatic target locking. REF 004

Information Technology (E-learning and Open Channel Broadcast): This company specializes in all sorts of audiovisual collaboration tools. It offers tools for creating one’s own live television network. It works primarily in the SAAS model. REF 005


If one of these technologies interests you, please contact Ms. Ines Jurisic, Program Manager, by phone: +33 (0)2 421 86 68 or via e-mail:, to schedule a meeting and take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet with these Indian innovators while they are in Belgium from November 7th to 9th. Appointments will be available only on these dates.

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