Cefaly’s Launch in France: A Great Success

Il y a 5 years

This Friday, September 28th, Cefaly was introduced to the French media at a press conference held in Paris.

Two of the top neurology experts took the floor. Dr. Dominique Valade, Director of the Headache Urgent Care Unit at Hôpital Lariboisière, discussed the diagnosis of migraines and the various treatment options for this pathology, which currently afflicts over eight million people in France.

Then Professor Jean Schoenen, Director of the Headache Research Unit at the Université de Liège, presented the results of the PERMICE study, which proved the effectiveness of Cefaly in preventing migraine headaches.

Over 20 journalists were in attendance, representing some of the top names in women’s periodicals, including Version Femina, Femme Actuelle, Biba, and Ici Paris, health-related publications such as Top Santé and Santé Magazine, and television networks such as TF1 and France 5.

The French media showed a genuine interest in this unique, 100% Belgian technology. A special report has already been filmed for France 5 and several interviews have been scheduled over the next few days with Marie-Claire, Les Echos, Top Santé and Version Fémina, among others.

In short, Cefaly’s launch on the French market appears to be very promising, just like the growth of STX-Med, the Walloon company that developed Cefaly and recent winner of the Jeunes à l’exportation [Young Entrepreneurs Export] award given by AWEX in its 13th annual competition.


STX-Med – CEFALY Technology
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Press contact: Mélanie Verhage – Mobile: 0485 29 36 81
Source: Wallonie Presse

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