A New Welcome Office for Foreign Companies in Gosselies

Il y a 5 years

Monday morning, Wallonia Foreign Export and Investment Agency (AWEX) and Intercommunale de développement économique (Igretec) of the Charleroi-Sud-Hainaut region, opened the fourth AWEX Welcome Office in the Gosselies section of Charleroi. Intended for European and North African companies wishing to test the Belgian market, it offers the added benefit of being near the Charleroi airport (BSCA).

Three other structures of this kind are already in operation in Mons, Liège and Arlon. They were created to host companies from China, India and Latin America, respectively.

The Charleroi Welcome Office will cover all European and North African countries. Direct flights to most of these countries depart from the Charleroi airport.

At the office, visiting foreign companies have access to a full range of services. “This initial foothold will allow them to test potential operations prior to setting up an establishment in Belgium,” explains Philippe Suinen, CEO of AWEX.


New Welcome Offices for Foreign Companies in Gosselies – RTBF Vidéo (in French)

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