Wallangues and Wallonia Competitiveness

Il y a 5 years

With 100,000 members registered in six months, the popularity of the language learning tool proves that Wallonias are still trying to improve in this area, which is already one of its strong points.


The IMD currently ranks Belgium 7th in the world among countries with linguistic skills that meet the needs of businesses. Its score of 8.23 out of 10 is very respectable, especially compared to France’s score of 2.93, for example. We are clearly among the frontrunners, lagging only slightly behind Switzerland and Luxembourg, both of which enjoy an excellent reputation for being multilingual.

On November 8, 2011, as part of the Marshall Plan 2.Green, Wallonia published an online tool that could help us make up the difference: www.wallangues.be. If you are a resident of Wallonia over the age of 18 with an Internet connection and e-mail address, well then voilà! You have everything you need to learn English, Dutch, German and French, free of charge. The interactive platform offers a six-level curriculum, from “beginner” to “advanced.” Learn the basics, hone your skills, improve your vocabulary in a specific field, or expand your knowledge… anything is possible! With lessons in everything from oral and written expression to listening and reading comprehension, you can prepare for a job interview or practice the skills you need to handle a real-life situation.

In light of Wallangues’ success since its launch, there is good reason to believe that our IMD ranking will be even better next time around. It won’t be long before we’re known throughout the world as linguists par excellence!

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