The Smurfs: Belgian Ambassadors to Bahrain

Il y a 5 years

Inspired by the Belgian cartoon, “Mushroom Villagio,” a village of mushroom houses inhabited by small blue creatures in the shadow of Gargamel’s dreadful castle, will soon become a reality in West Riffa.

The central municipal council has approved the project totaling approximately four million euros. Thirty 50-m2 houses that can each host up to twenty children will be scattered over an 8350-m2 property. Not to worry, the children will not get lost. A tracking system will allow their parents to monitor them remotely.

This park will be both entertaining and educational. In addition to the mushroom-shaped houses and Gargamel’s castle, there will also be a café, a small aquarium, a rock climbing area, stables and the classic souvenir shop.

Very soon, the Smurfs will represent Belgium and its expertise in the field of comic books, animation and artistic works in the country of Bahrain. Who could smurf a better ambassador?

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