EU Provides Funding for Wallonia Logistics

Il y a 5 years

The European Commission has selected 74 infrastructure projects to receive financial assistance, including three Walloon projects: the railway terminal at Liège Airport, the modernization of the Albert Canal bridges and the Walloon section of the Seine-Escaut Canal.

Wallonia already enjoys an excellent reputation for transport and logistics, but it is continually trying to improve this asset, which, combined with its central location, is often key for attracting large corporations to do business there. The European Commissioner for Transport, Siim Kallas, has also confirmed the shared desire of the EU to continue promoting the construction and modernization of European transport infrastructure, in an effort to provide all the benefits of a reliable, properly functioning network. The funding provided will also help to support employment in the construction sectors hired to perform this work.


Carex has thus earmarked 1.1 million euros to conduct the studies necessary to build a railway terminal at Liège Airport to accommodate the European Freight TGV line. The EU has also invested a little over four million euros in Wallonia for two projects involving the modernization and adaptation of the river transport network.


Belgium, which recently made the World Bank’s “top ten” list for logistics performance, moving from 12th to 7th place, should thus be able to further improve its ranking next year.

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