The view from France: succeeding in Belgium

Il y a 5 years

This is the title of a full report published in France’s Monde Express for French people interested in exporting to our country. It puts forward some particularly obvious advantages “At the heart of Europe”, a “Rotating platform of trade”, the “Test market”, as well as other characteristics particular to Belgium and which are all benefits.

One must first realise that the number of subsidiaries of French companies established in Belgium is around 1,700 and they have not made this choice by accident. One should note the fact the communication infrastructure is among the most efficient in the world for transport (by air, road, rail or water) as are telecoms that accentuate the asset that consists of its ideal geographical location between Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and, of course, France. The presence of the European institutions is also important for some companies that have made it “their market.”

The quality of workmanship is also emphasized at several levels: the high level of training, flexibility, productivity or multilingualism. Belgium is, according to them, an ideal test market for French companies looking to internationalise because of its openness and the relationship of its size. They also give some tips to deal with the Belgian market and cite some cultural differences with regard to punctuality or the protocols of formality. It also discusses our regions, our three national languages ​​and describes the Belgian partner as a man of action rather than words.

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