The view from France: aeronautic Belgium

Il y a 5 years

The aerospace and aeronautics sectors occupy a key position in Belgium. This country ranks among the most active countries in the research and production of space hardware, with renowned names like Techspace Aero SABCA Sonaca, etc.

These companies are at the forefront of technology and work in close collaboration with other partners on European projects. The company, Techspace Aero, for example, worked on improving propulsion systems and power engine of the Ariane 5 rocket. The Galileo positioning satellite system is also one of the challenges taken up by Belgium. This European program aims to directly compete with the American GPS has a Belgian company among its developers: Spacebel.

Finally, Belgium in 2009 launched its own satellite, the Proba 2, with the support of the European Space Agency. With respect to the aviation sector, Belgium has a number of airport infrastructures. The main airport of the country is Brussels National Airport. It ranks fourteenth in Europe in terms of attendance with 17.5 million passengers per year. The largest aerial carrier is Brussels Airlines, which carries more than 5.5 million passengers to 70 destinations in the world. With over 15 companies that manufacture and produce technical and complex aviation equipment, the aeronautic industry regularly uses subcontractors in their operations. Wallonia Space LogisticsSkywinBelgospaceThese entities can count on public administrative (Wallonia Space Logistics, Skywin) and federation (Belgospace) support to ensure the growth and development of their operations. The Belgian aerospace and aeronautic industry must strive to maintain its competitiveness while ensuring innovation and technological progress.


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