The case for investing in Belgium

Il y a 5 years

The Ernst & Young ‘Globalization Index 2011’ ranked Belgium as the world’s fourth most open economy, confirming Belgium’s strong position in the global economy. Foreign investments play a crucial role in upholding this position. Proof for this can be found in recent reports and publications on foreign investments in Belgium.

In June, the ‘IBM Global Location Trends’ report revealed that foreign companies invested more in Belgium in 2011 than in the previous year, counting 168 investment projects creating around 5,700 new jobs. Read more

Later that month, a study by Joep Konings (Professor in Economics at the University of Leuven) stressed the importance of retaining investments by foreign and homegrown multinational companies (MNCs) in Belgium. MNCs not only function as the engine of the economy in Belgium, but their presence also has a positive effect on local companies. Read more

In July, the French Chamber of Commerce in Belgium promoted Belgium’s attractiveness for foreign investors: its geographical location, highly educated, multilingual, flexible and productive workforce and fiscal climate. Read more

Recent investments of Pfizer, McKinsey, IMEC and other companies confirm the Chamber’s beliefs that Belgium remains a top location for foreign investors. The presence of foreign investors in Belgium leads to the creation of high value added jobs and stimulates competition and innovation.

Source: AmCham

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