Techspace Aero is thriving

Il y a 5 years

Techspace Aero is currently in great shape.

Its engine production is currently very high and the company has signed three partnerships regarding three new engines that will provide it with 75% of the market of the three most built airplanes in the world, consisting of 1,400 units to be built annually.

The signed partnerships guarantee the future of the plant for at least the next twenty years. These are:

  • the new LEAP engine, an improved version and “greener” than the current CFM-56 engine. 3,700 units were ordered, or 3 years of production
  • the Silvercrest selected by Cessna for a new mid-range business jet
  • the Passport, chosen by General Electric for the Bombardier Global, a new long-range business jet

The result of this strong production: Techspace Aero has surpassed the cap of 1,250 this year with 70 employees hired in 2011. In 2012, ninety new jobs are advertised of which half are engineers.

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