Sirris moves to Gosselies – providing support for Minister Marcourt’s prototyping

Il y a 5 years

 Sirris is moving to one of the buildings in the Composite Plastics Village in order to be part of the Technological Campus Project. They will  provide technical support to the designers, among many other things!

The Collective Centre of the Belgian Technological Industry recently inaugurated its new offices and laboratories located close to the Maison de l’Industrie on the Gosselies (Charleroi) Aéropôle. Its mission is to help companies implement technological innovations and to choose technologies generating sustainable growth. Nonetheless, designers can also find valuable partners.

Laurent VOETS, Project Manager for Sirris: “We can mainly help a designer with technical advice, whether it is choosing the technology, the material or the procedure. However, we can also direct him to available supports or to other organizations that may be to able to support their project”.

This brings us naturally to the new Prototyping Aid Plan of the Regional Minister of Economy.

“We are particularly involved in the prototyping phase with considerable tools and skills in additive manufacturing technologies (also called prototyping  or rapid manufacturing). Within this framework (especially through guidance), we can help them create their prototype by making the right choice in terms of technology and materials”.

The Gosselies site will be equipped with high resolution Stereolithography (Viper SI2), 3D Polymer Printing (Connex 500 multi-material), Electron beam Melting (ARCAM), 3D Thermojet Printing (Technofutur equipment).

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