NEST’up: try your luck!

Il y a 5 years

Nurturing Entrepreneurship, Startups and Talent

The first TechStars-style startup accelerator in Belgium

NEST’up is a highly selective program that includes the following base criteria:

  • We only select teams of 2 or 3 founders with complementary profiles. If you are alone, you should find a co-founder.
  • Your product can be an online service, a mobile application or a physical product, but it must be innovative and scalable. You are supposed to have already started working on your idea. There must be a prototype or a preliminary market study somewhere.
  •  Your product must be financeable, which means that you will be able to run something during the Demo Day at the end of the programme. If there are 3 years of research and development needed for your product to be marketable, it will not be pre-selected.
  • Your expansion strategy must go beyond Belgium.
  • We attach great importance to the team, its strength, ability to be work with others and take feedback.

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