Future recruits for the biotechnology sector

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Following a successful test session in December 2011, the CAP BIO training program turns out to be a complete success.  Organised within the BioPharE project of BioWin, the program targets job seekers with science backgrounds.  

The objective is to direct job seekers toward jobs in the biotechnology sector, which is currently experiencing a strong growth in Belgium and in Wallonia in particular.
Seventy graduates, including many holders of Masters or Doctorates took part in the training held at the end of March. Marie-Christine Hollo who conducts the CAP BIO training sessions, worked for 20 years in adult training before setting up her own training and coaching consultancy. She evokes the challenges of CAP BIO and shares the participants’ feedback.
The training session’s objective was to gather ( ) job seekers holding a degree in science in order to put them in contact with training and recruitment professionals in the biotechnology healthcare sectors; ( ) to  inform them about the wide variety of jobs, often overlooked, available in biotechnology companies; to tell them about jobs where applicants are needed, and also about jobs where the demand will be high in the future; to direct them toward skills training programmes so that they can fill these roles,  and to help them (re) position themselves favourably in the corporate world using coaching techniques”.

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An internship leading to a job!

Born out of a partnership between the University of Liege and Forem’s* Training Liège-Huy, the Giga-Forem Biotechnology Training is dedicated to the development of Wallonia through the deployment of high-level training. At the end of October, twelve interns, having completed the “Bioinformatics Training Program” will be ready to embark on a 3-month internship in a company with the aspiration of working there post-internship as an employee. The aim of the training is to acquire the necessary competencies to work as a biostatistician or bioinformatician in the biotechnology sector. At the end of the training, the interns will have been trained to analyse biological data, to interpret and model this data.

For further information contact Laurent Corbesier, Coordinator,
Forem Formation Biotechnologie, Ph. 04 366 39 00.

* Forem = the regional organisation for employment and training

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