Flemish investors praise Wallonia

Il y a 5 years

Various recent accounts from the north of the country all agree that the clichés concerning Wallonia are unjustified. 

An article published in the newspaper ‘L’Echo’ reporting on an AWEx seminar in Ghent states:

We hear a lot of talk about trade unions in Wallonia but there are more strikes in Flanders” – Ivo Marechal, CEO Essers

Hans Delabie, the executive director of Delabie Printing Company highlighted the affordable price of land, the generous subsidies and in particular, the investment aid for photovoltaics. “We have no regrets about our move to Wallonia and I would advise every Flemish company located along the border to consider a similar move”.

Dieter Grimmelprez, CEO of Vanheede Environnement, has opened offices in four locations in Wallonia. He also benefited from the subsidies without encountering any major difficulties. “The differences between Flanders and Wallonia are only as large as those between Western Flanders and Limburg”.
Let us hope that this inspires many of their colleagues to follow suit.

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