Daniel Lebeau appointed CIO of GSK: recognition of Belgium

Il y a 5 years

Elected CIO of the Year 2010 by Data News, 10 years after joining GSK Biologicals in Rixensart as Vice President of Management and Information Systems, the Belgian has become the CIO of the GSK group.

The holder of a doctorate in nuclear physics disclosed to l’Echo (in the August 9th edition) that it was very rare for a Belgian reach as high a function in a global group despite the good reputation of Belgium in data processing matters as evidenced by the establishment of giants such as Google, Microsoft or IBM.

He alone manages over 3,100 IT professionals! The impact of digitisation is immense for all companies, not just for banks or Amazon.com and, at least for GSK, globalisation makes data processing essential. How could we imagine ensuring the traceability of medicines (note: this represents billions of numbers) without the computer? If the essence of data processing was accounting 20 years ago, this represents less than 10% of the activity of the IT professionals at GSK now.

It is therefore a position with very high responsibilities, where the projection of operations extends globally between the structure, research, manufacture and business unit of vaccines. We wish him unqualified success in the rest of his career!

Source: l’Echo

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