BioWin celebrates its 5th birthday!

Il y a 5 years

The Wallonia Life Sciences Competitive Cluster releases the results of their first five years of activity to the Belgian and International press, during a press conference jointly organized by BioWin and Baxter. 

 25 R&D projects, 200 researchers and the promise of 1,260 jobs

BioWin focused on the status of the R&D projects approved and financed by the Walloon government since the competitive cluster was launched in 2006. Particular emphasis was given to the impact of these projects on the job market, patent applications and the setting up of new companies. We spoke to Jean-Luc Balligand (UCLouvain), Vice-President of BioWin, who was pleased to relive these two particular successes.

To date, 25 projects from the BioWin competitiveness cluster have been approved, 2 of which have completed their research phase and are now in their development phase. 206 researchers have been recruited or have continued to be employed as part of these projects. Furthermore, we expect to create 1,267 jobs. The projects developed by the cluster have resulted in the registration of 16 patents, the setting up of 3 new companies, the launch of 6 new products or services on the market and the development of 9 other projects, 7 of which are on an international scale thanks to the partnerships that have been established”.

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