BioPartnering Future Europe is coming to Brussels in October 2012

Il y a 5 years

After 19 years in London, BioPartnering Future EUROPE is coming to Brussels. The event is the first of its kind to be held in Belgium. It will take place October 7 – 9 in the Square Meeting Centre.

This is a major event for the biotechnology and life sciences sectors. Its principal aim is to gather together innovative people who would like to meet business people and to develop strategic technological partnerships in Europe and further afield.

BioWin will bring its experience in networking and biotechnological partnerships to the consortium of Belgian sponsors of this event (BioWin, FlandersBio, LifeTechBrussels, Essenscia, The cluster will also be present in the Square and will welcome visitors in the Belgian Pavilion where all key players in the health sector from the three Regions and government will be represented.

Organised by TechVisionGroup (USA), this fair is the first international networking event dedicated to the biotechnology sector to be held in Belgium. With 1,500 participants and 30 countries expected, BioPartnering Future Europe is a unique opportunity for Belgian entrepreneurs to position their organisations, to showcase their technical expertise and to give their projects the visibility they deserve.

In 2013, BioPartnering Future Europe will take place in Sweden. It will continue to tour Europe in order to give this event its whole European potential.

Click here for further information regarding the programme and the registration procedure.

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