Wallonia will enable better access to the European network

Il y a 6 years
  • Wallonia, the French speaking region of Belgium, intends to make better use of its inland waterways network and will therefore invest heavily in locks and terminals, enabling better access to the European network.

The Walloon inland waterways network is straddled between the Seine-Nord axis in the west and the Rhine-Main-Danube axis in the east. The network is linked with seaports as Dunkirk, Antwerp and Rotterdam. Currently the locks of Yvoz-Ramet and Ternaaien are being expanded. The public enquiry concerning the link with the Seine-Scheldt axis has been completed. This involves increasing the gauge of the Scheldt river and of the Nimy-Blaton canal., the reopening of the Pommerroeul-Condé canal and the renewal of some locks. Apart from improving the waterways themselves the network of inland terminals too will be expanded. A new container terminal is planned in Auvelais, whereas the new Garocentre terminal in La Louvière has meanwhile become operational. After summer works should start on the trimodal Trilogiport platform in the port of Liège.

Source: www.inlandterminals.com

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