Belgium, land of investments: Philippe Suinen to RTL+

Il y a 6 years

The Director of AWEX speaks about the antenna of RTL and responds to questions from viewers following articles published most notably in l’Echo and Trends. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) ranking for the countries attracting the most foreign investors has put Belgium in second place behind Hong Kong.

It sets forth various good reasons to invest in Wallonia and cites as an example the extension of Caterpillar last year, creating 400 jobs in the process.

Do not forget that according to this United Nation’s ranking, Belgium is not only the second country attracting the most foreign direct investment but also placed second with respect to the real impact of these investments on the economy, just behind Hungary.

By combining these two results, Belgium is arguably the country with the best relationship between the quantity and quality of foreign investment. Many multinational companies are convinced and are installing coordination centres that creating jobs here locally.

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