Microsoft Innovation Centre has created 266 jobs.

Il y a 6 years

The Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) of Mons (Initialis Park) has produced an initial report after three years of operation.

In 2009, quantified targets were drawn up for the first three year period: the MIC sought to create 250 new jobs in Wallonia, train and certify 500 people, make links with 150 innovation projects and support 25 start-ups.
These aims have certainly been exceeded, as 266 jobs have been generated, 1,112 have received certificates, 297 projects have been submitted and 30 start-ups have taken off.
The MIC has fulfilled its four commitments, making links with IT professionals, training of a minimum of 40 IT trainees placed with experienced professionals over a period of months, not forgetting innovation and the 12 calls for projects launched over these three years with almost 300 participants. The fourth plank, “enterprise”, through running “boot camps” for intensive training has encouraged around thirty new companies to set up.
Among these is Numerizik à Ghislenghien (Ath), set up by Guillaume Tilleul after attending an MIC boot camp, which offers a complete radio services for companies and large retailers.
Encouraged by these successes, MIC now has plans for the next three years (2012-2014) to create one hundred new jobs and ten new start-ups per year.

H.L. – L’Echo – 3 March 2012

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