Assessing the impact of competitiveness poles: 550 companies in pole position

Il y a 6 years

The number of companies involved in R & D has almost tripled over the last five years to 550, and in terms of their contribution to the Walloon economy, we know that

  • their turnover has increased by 50% on average in 5 years
  • they have created 10,000 jobs in the same period, despite the crisis
  • their contribution to employment in Wallonia has increased from 20.5% to 23.5% over the last five years as well
  • added-value per job has risen from 30% to 41%.

In terms of research, the participants in these poles are among the most dynamic and prosperous in Wallonia, and in employment terms (from 100 in 2005 to 102 in 2010 on average, but from 100 to 116 in the companies involved) as well as in terms of added value (100 to 110 in 5 years on average, but from 100 to 160, in five years, for the pole companies).

Training projects have benefited 30,000 people, of whom one third were unemployed.

Concretely, the poles have already generated jobs:

  • 1,542 jobs resulting from investment by foreign companies attracted by the poles
  • 1,724 research jobs in pole projects.

By “end-of-project plus five years”, the number of jobs generated by the marketing of projects in the pipeline is estimated to be 9,916. Public investment is thus 49,000 for each job. We should note that investment allowances might amount to 75,000 euros per job.

PMEs account for 57% of accumulated (public and private) R & D budgets, and 550 Walloon businesses are now in pole position.

Gérard GUILLAUME -L’ECHO – 01/03/2012

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