Il y a 6 years

Employment prospects have not been this good in Wallonia for years: Three simultaneous studies report:

10% of Wallonia entrepreneurs are set to take on staff between April and June, according to the Manpower barometer. “Employment prospects have not been this high in Wallonia” for eight years. Three years ago, it was a radically different scenario.

Unemployment figures : According to Forem statistics, it is in the south where the sharpest fall in unemployment was recorded in the past year: -7.3%, i.e. 16,731 fewer job seekers in February this year compared to the same period last year. Better than Flanders (-6.6%, i.e. 14,108 fewer job seekers) and Brussels (+1.3%, i.e. 1,405 more job seekers).

According to the services company, SD Works, the increase in employment within small and medium-sized Wallonia enterprises last year was greater than in Flanders: +4.3% in Wallonia, compared to +1% in the North. And between 2003 and 2008, the number of small and medium-sized Wallonia enterprises increased by 10%, double the increase in Flanders.

Le Soir – 8th of March 2011

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